Biography of Aylang Ondar

S c r o l l D o w n

Aylang Ondar – one of first members of the Tyva kyzy Ensemble since 1998, Honored artist of the Republic of Tuva (2013), in our ensemble she plays chadagan, kengirge and demir-khomus and charty-khomus. Aylang was born on 15 December 1975 in the village Ishkin, Sut-khol region. One of the first graduates of the Department national music instruments in the Music college of Kyzyl in 1995, chadagan class. In 2001 she graduated in the Kyzyl s branch of the East Siberian state Academy (Ulan-Ude). Sean s 2003 till now days she is working as a musician of the Tuvan national orchestra of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tuva. Had been participated in two CD recording of Tuvan National orchestra. With the National Orchestra she had been performing in many cultural projects in Russia, China, Mongolia. In 2010 Aylang started to play with other female musicians in a new band “Ugulza”. She was working in the kid s music school of Kaa-Khem village as a teacher of chadagan. With the Tyva Kyzy Ensemble she had been performing with concerts in Poland (1999), Japan (2000), Finland (2001), Switzerland (2002, 2007), USA (2005, 2009), Germany (2002, 2009), France (2008), Spain (2008), Denmark (2009), Sweden (2009), Norway (2004, 2009), The Netherland (2009), Belgium (2009). Aylang had been recorded in early music record of the Tyva Kyzy Esemble as a musician playing chadagan.
She can be heard and on a number of CDs/DVDs: on the first CD

“Setkilimden sergek yr dyr / The chearfull song from my soul” (CD was published by the Tuva Trader in USA, October 2005), Ugulzalar (CD 2009) and No comment with videos from their tours around of the world (DVD, 2010).

She can be heard and seen on a video links of Tyva Kyzy ensemble performing on youtube:

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