S c r o l l D o w n


Setkilimden sergek yr-dyr (a cheerful song from my soul)Setkilimden sergek yr-dyr
All songs arranged by Choduraa Tumat and Tyva Kyzy

Produced: Choduraa Tumat
Co-Producer: George Rezendes
Executive Producer: Devan Miller

Graphics and CD design: Catska Ench

Distributed and Released by the Tuva Trader
P.O. Box 515 Potr Angeles, WA 98362.

….For the first time we hear an amazing blend and transition between the familiar sounds of female vocals and the surprising overtones of throat-singing (khoomei). This collection of rare and vividly textured songs and instrumentation reverberates with energy and emotion, gracefully opening the richness of the Tuvan land and culture. Traditions and sonic landscapes come alive with humorous joy, nurturing sweetness and thundering power from the unique perspective of women!” — from CD booklet

«Belek / The Gift»

Choduraa Tumat
Throat-singing by Tuvan woman
Realized and Published by SketisMusic,
recorded on 2, 3, 4 and 6th July , 2005
in LKK Studio, Moscow, Russia.
Executive Producer: Maxim Yariomenko
Producer: Choduraa Tumat
All songs arranged by Choduraa Tumat

by Dr Carole Pegg
Director of ‘Inner Asian Music ‘, UK;
Senior researcher at the University of Cambridge, England.
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«As the title suggests, this album is Choduraa’s ‘gift’ for her listeners as wel as an expression of her own musical gift. And what a gift it is! Her vocal range is astonishing. She slips with ease between the glottal gumnastics of throat-singing to the plaintive tones of a lullaby or love song, and the ritual imitative calls of animal husbandry. Her instrumental ability is equally impressive as she conjures up the taiga and steppes of Tuva with the igil fiddle of khomus lute and sings of her love with the demir khomus jew’s harp. She shines as a beacon for women — in Tuva and worldwide — for having the strength to break the traditional gender taboo and perform khoomei, and for standing up to be couted among the wonderful musicians of Tuva.» — from CD booklet.

Copyright © 2023 Tyva Kyzy - “Tyva Kyzy” (“Daughters of Tuva”) is the first and only women’s group in Tuva that performs all styles of Tuvan throat-singing.