Biography of Olcha Tumat

S c r o l l D o w n

Olcha Tumat – began performing with Tyva Kyzy as a musician in 2011. She was born on February 14, 1987 in Shambalyg, a small village in the Kyzyl region. After completing her schooling at the Music College (2008), and later graduated from the State University of arts in Kemerovo, Russia (2013) she had been working as a musician of violin in Symphonic Orchestra in Tuvan State Philharmonic. Deans 2012 Olcha is teaching tuvan string music instrument byzaanchy at the Music College at the department of tuvan traditional music instruments. Her students participated in all Russian Contests and Festivals and had nominated as a laureates. Olcha founded in 2014 female student s vocal and instrumental ensemble “Orgaaday” of the Music college of Kyzyl. With her student she had been participated in the Contest in Kazakhstan (2016),
With Tyva Kyzy she plays byzaanchy and demir-khomus, taya-khomus, perform khoomei, and sing traditional songs. Olcha works as a teacher of byzaanchy in Kyzyl s music college

With Ensemble Tyva Kyzy she had been performing with concerts in China (2014), in Moscow Conservatory named by Tchaikovsky (2015, 2016) in the several Universities of South Korea as a part of the World Tour of Tyva Kyzy Ensemble 2018 (from 21-27 of May 2018), in Taiwan Traditional music Center on 01 and 02 of June, 2018. In Japan, USA (Hawaii, Washington DC and other states), Netherland, France, Norway as a part of the World Tour of the Tyva Kyzy Ensemble.

She can be heard on the CD “Ayalgalar” (2018, by Pan Records company) and seen on a video links of Tyva Kyzy ensemble performing on youtube:

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