Biography of Choduraa Tuma

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Choduraa Tumat is founder and the artistic leader of all female throat singing folk ensemble Tyva Kyzy, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tuva (2013), first women who had respected Government title “Peoples Khoomeizhi of the Republic of Tuva” (2018) for the performing and developing of female throat singing. She has born in Western Tuva in family of nomads (herdars). As a girl Choduraa Tumat was fond of listening to khoomei and sygyt (throat singing) performed by her brothers. And tuvan traditional songs and melodies on khomus she heard from her mother. As a traditional owner of the old music traditions she studied to be for teacher of tuvan traditional music in music college in Tuva (1995) and went on to become one of the world s most active female throat singers, as well as the producing her group Tyva Kyzy. Choduraa Tumat had been participated in the international cultural projects of the Universities of the foreign countries of America, Europe and Asia. She had performed with Tyva Kyzy Ensemble in all their international projects and concerts. She had been to perform in international festivals as solo musician and also with the famous tuvan male singers as Kongar-ool Ondar (2007 in France, Portugal), Otkun Dostai (Japan 2001, Germany 2008, China, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy – 2013, Taiwan in 2015). As a musician she was singing and playing for the contemporary dance project “Post Secret” by MUTE COMP. PHITHICAL THEATRE that did shows in Copenhagen Denmark (2009). Choduraa Tumat teaches at the Pedagogical College of Tuvan State University in Kyzyl.

She is an accomplished performer of all basic throat-singing styles, sings traditional folk songs, and plays various Tuvan string instruments (igil, byzanchy, doshpuluur), Jew s harps and chadagan.

She can be heard and seen on a number of CDs/DVDs: solo on her CD Belek-The Gift (2005, Moscow, Sketis Muisc); she was working as producer and singer, musician on Tyva Kyzy s all CD projects: Setkilimden sergek yr dyr (CD 2005), Igil Uni Iyem unu (CD 2009), Ugulzalar (CD 2009) and “No comment” with videos from Tyva Kyzy s tours around of the world (DVD, 2010), CD “Ayalgalar” (2018, by Pan-Records company, Netherland).

She can be heard and seen on a video links of Tyva Kyzy ensemble performing on youtube:

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