Biography of Aylanmaa Damyran

S c r o l l D o w n

Aylanmaa Damyrang was nominated as an Honored Artist of the Republic of Tuva by the Government of the Republic of Tuva (2018). She has been a singer with Tyva Kyzy since the creation of the group from 1998. She was born on 28th July 1975, in Bai-Tal village of Bai-Taiga region. In 1993 she was taught khoomei by the renowned as “People’s khoomeizhi” (throat singer) of the Republic of Tuva, Khunashtaar-ool Surunovich Oorzhak.

Aylanmaa performs the following styles of Tyvan Khoomei: khoomei, sygyt, borbangnadyr and damyrak borbangy. The very first witnesses of her talent in her childhood were the steppes and the mountains of Bai-Taiga. As well as performing khoomei she also plays the Tyvan national instruments igil, khomus and doshpuluur. She was an honored participant of the Republican contest «Ak-ool s igil» of 2002. In 2005 she received Laureate at the First International Khomus Competition in Kyzyl. She also received Laureate at the Second International Khomus Competition 2011 in Kyzyl. At the Second Tuvan Competition for Singers of Traditional Songs in 2011 Aylanmaa received a special prize for ‘Preserving the Old Traditions . With Ensemble Tyva Kyzy she had been performing with concerts in all International projects. She works as a musician (Byzaanchy) in the Tyvan National Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tuva. With the National Orchestra she had been performing in many cultural projects in Russia, China, Mongolia.

She can be heard on a number of CDs/DVDs: solo on her CD Bai-la-Taigam (2012), with her Ensemble Tyva Kyzy on Setkilimden sergek yr dyr (CD 2005), Igil Uni Iyem unu (CD 2009), Ugulzalar (CD 2009) and No comment with videos from their tours around of the world (DVD, 2010), in the CD “Ayalgalar” (2018, by Pan-Records company, Netherland).

She can be seen on a video links of Tyva Kyzy ensemble performing on youtube:

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