Biography of Aizaana Khovalyg

S c r o l l D o w n

Aizaana Khovalyg (Hertek) – started to play with the Tyva Kyzy Ensemble from 2013. She was born in an ordinary talented family of Khertek, on November 30, 1984 in Ak-Dovurak, Baryyn-Khemchik region of the Republic of Tuva. In 2003 she graduated from the piano Department of the Music Collage. 2013 graduate of the Department of piano, Institute of music in Kemerovo. She had been working in the Tuvan State Philharmonic in the Symphony orchestra. Now days Aizaana works as teacher at the Music Collage. Married in 2018 with a musician and throat singers Eres Khovalyg. She plays with Tyva Kyzy on chadagan, demir-khomus, egil, percussion instruments as like kengirge, dujug. Aizaana sings folk and pop songs, throat singing in the style of khoomei, sygyt, kargyraa.

With Ensemble Tyva Kyzy she had been performing with concerts in China (2014), in Moscow Conservatory named by Tchaikovsky (2015, 2016).
She can be heard on the CD “Ayalgalar” (2018, by Pan Records company) and seen on a video links of Tyva Kyzy ensemble performing on youtube:

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